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Ashleigh and Anthea Celebrate 10 Years of PHB

11 Dec, 2017 | Beauty, Blog, Hair, News

“Wow, we certainly have lots of celebrations going on here at PHB this December!

10 Years of PHB

Not only do we have 3 birthdays (Anthea, Natalie and Beth) and of course Christmas, but Anthea and I are celebrating 10 years ownership of the salon. We’ve both worked in the salon for many years now, I started way back in 1993 when I had just finished my training at college (gosh that just seems like yesterday!). Anthea began in 1997 after doing her apprenticeship at Fenwick, Newcastle and working for a while at Piaf, Kingston Park.

Ponteland Health and Beauty

The salon itself has been going for almost 40 years now in Ponteland Village, starting off as a Sunbed shop on the main street with a little beauty, back in the late 1970’s. The beauty side expanded and the salon moved into the shopping precinct in the 80’s, introducing all the latest high tech beauty therapy and still providing sunbeds. It was called ‘ Ponteland Health and Beauty’.
1995 was the year for big changes for the salon, we moved into a much bigger premises on the industrial estate in a building called Collingwood House, which had previously been a restaurant with a dance floor. The owner at the time invested in the ever so popular ‘toning tables’. They really took off and became a social gathering point for many regular clients.


More changes happened in 1997 when hairdressing was introduced into the salon, at this point we had new owners and were called ‘Carmichaels’. The hair side became just as busy as beauty within a matter of weeks and the salon was filled with hustle and bustle everyday.


Anthea became hair manager, and myself beauty manager in the year 2000, and we treat the salon as our own, running all aspects of the business. We were then called Elegance.
2002 came the year for another big move, which brought us back into the shopping centre, where we are today, a nice big light and airy premises on the first floor with lovely views of Ponteland Village.

Ponteland Hair and Beauty (PHB)

Then that brings us to 2007 when Anthea and I took over ownership of the salon, we felt complete in our professions! We changed the name back to its almost original and became Ponteland Hair and Beauty. We have 4 longstanding members of staff who we class as our family and value whole heartedly. We all work together as a great team which reflects on the friendly atmosphere which we are so often complimented on.
We hope to see the salon continue to thrive and grow over the next few years and look forward to our next 10 years in ‘partnership’.”
– Ashleigh Bland (PHB Beauty Manager)

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