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Gel Nails only £20 at PHB Nail Salon

24 Jul, 2017 | Beauty, Blog, Special Offers

Looking for gel nails for a special occasion like a wedding, holiday, cruise, graduation or prom?
Or maybe just a lick of paint for a regular girl’s night out?

Are you like Mary?

A lot of women today look after their nails and don’t necessarily need a manicure or pedicure.
One of our clients, we will call her Mary in this example, is exactly like this. She just loves to keep on top of her nails.
Are you one of those girls? Are you like Mary and her nails?

Here at Ponteland Hair and Beauty we recognise a lot of women in the North East, Newcastle and Northumberland simply don’t require a manicure or pedicure. Us Northerners like to look after our nails, whether that be hand or foot. So we thought we would offer something special. Something you can take advantage of when you don’t really need a full manicure…

Gel Nails Only £20 each in Ponteland*

Yes that means if you just need your nails painted it won’t cost you an arm or a leg, especially when you already have lovely nails and have followed our tips from the salon on how to maintain them.

Maybe you just aren’t great at painting your own nails?

For only £20 for your finger nails and £20 for your toe nails you can save money on manicure and pedicures and look fresh more regular.

The only thing left to do is to decide on which colour will suit you this week, now there’s no excuse to look good?

Now it’s your turn to make everyone else ‘gel’ous of your nails 😉

Drop by our Ponteland Hair, Beauty and Nail salon or give us a call to book a time that suits you best!
*Offer only at time of Promotion 2017


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