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New CACI Eye Revive, Serum and Mask Review

12 Mar, 2017 | Beauty, Blog

What would the Caci Eye Revive Treatment Feel Like?

Being a regular client at Ponteland Hair and Beauty here in the North East of England, I was invited to try out this wonderful treatment.  As I lay on the comfortable treatment bed I was a little nervous.

Let me give you my personal CACI Eye Revive Review…

What will this feel like?
A treatment using micro currents?
How long will it last?
I had never experienced such a thing before!

I needn’t have worried!

Ashleigh talked me through the treatment, cleansed and toned my face and started to roll the serum filled rollers around my eye area.  I instantly felt relaxed!  After not having much sleep the night before (due to an unsettled toddler) the cooling sensation rejuvenated my tired eyes and i instantly felt more awake.

Watch how Ashleigh explains all about the new CACI Eye Lift treatment here in the Ponteland Hair and Beauty Salon (Newcastle upon Tyne), on a client…

Professional CACI Eye Lift in Ponteland, Newcastle

The new CACI Eye Revive treatment is a must have for anyone concerned with ageing around the delicate eye area.  This gentle treatment soothes tired, puffy eyes, combats dark circles and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The treatment uses serum filled CACI microcurrent eye rollers which have a cooling effect on the skin.  Gently tightening and toning sagging muscles.  The deeply nourishing Hydro Eye Mask is then applied to soothe and calm the skin.  Its suitable for all skin types and delivers impressive results.

CACI Eye Revive Before and After

Its a great treatment if you are short on time as it only takes around 30 minutes per session.  You could even have one in your lunch break and go back to work all revived!

My husband noticed a difference around my eye area after only one treatment and he rarely notices anything!!

The small current re-educates the facial muscles to become young again.  The micro current has a tsunami style frequency which pushes the current into the deep layers of the skin and muscles. This disciplines them to become young again.

Eye Revive Price

The Caci Eye Treatment costs £35.00 a session or £300.00 for a course of 10.  PHB recommend a course of 10 for optimum results and advise to get the sessions booked in quite close together.  However, a one off session is also beneficial and the perfect ‘pick me up’.  It instantly wakes tired eyes and makes you feel vibrant and confident.

If you have a wedding to attend or a special occasion coming up, a one off will give a quick lift around the eye area.  The perfect confident boost!

The probes that Ashleigh uses throughout the treatment are the standard ones also used during the CACI non-surgical facelift. However, during the new Eye Revive treatment a new roller ball is used to perform a drainage massage.  The drainage massage helps to eliminate toxins around the eye area which contribute towards dark circles and puffiness.  The drainage massage helps eradicate these flaws.

CACI Hydro Eye Mask

The hydro eye mask used at the end of the treatment felt and smelt divine.  The cooling sensation around my forehead and eyes totally relaxed me and made my eyes feel bright and awakened.  The mask contains green tea and cucumber and other anti aging properties in the mask plump out fine lines and wrinkles.  You can also use the masks at home for some extra TLC at home in the comfort of your own boudoir.

Purchase them direct from the Ponteland Beauty salon, they retail at £5.00.

Where can I get a CACI Eye Revive treatment in Newcastle?

I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough and will definitely be returning for another session.  I have my hydro eye mask to use at home next time i have a pampering night. You can book in for a CACI Eye Revive treatment within Newcastle or the surrounding Northumberland area right here in Ponteland:

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