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Top 10 Beauty Tips for Summer by PHB

17 May, 2017 | Beauty, Blog, Tips & Guides

Do you want to stay looking great this Summer?

Whether you are jetting off somewhere hot or simply staying here at home in the coming Summer months (hopefully filled with sunshine), it is always good to follow some recommended professional tips to care for your own skin and hair.

After all you wouldn’t want to ruin all the effort you have put in already to keep yourself looking good, would you?

So we thought we would put together our top ten Summer Beauty Treatments for maintaining good skin, great hair and staying healthy this Summer…

    1. In the sun – Always use minimum factor 30 to prevent sunburn and the prevention of wrinkles and reapply a few times during day. After a day of sun, our Decleor skincare experts recommend applying Decleor After-Sun Balm and Decleor After Sun Milk.
    2. Sunbathing – Try and avoid the direct sun between 11am and 3pm when rays are are their highest. Find shade or do some shopping in these times. Maybe plan on early morning sunbathing or in the early evening after a nap.
    3. Prolong your tan – Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to get rid of dead skin and prolong your tan. Speak to our Decleor experts in the Salon for advice on which products to use.
    4. Worried about your mascara? – Have your eyelashes tinted.It’s a great alternative to waterproof mascara. Plus it saves you the effort of putting your mascara on.
    5. Hairy on holiday? – Have waxing done opposed to shaving so you will be hair free for the duration if your holiday. Saves you time getting ready and more time for enjoying your time off.
    6. Nail maintenance – Keep your nail polish in the fridge especially abroad in the Summer heat.
    7. Hot lips – Use a separate lip protection.
    8. Don’t forget your hair – Cut down on the heat. If you are going abroad on a beach holiday or even just abroad to a warmer climate, your hair does not need the excess heat. Think blow-dry, straighteners or curling tongs after every wash. This is not necessary in a warmer climate. Beach hair is perfect when natural.
    9. Facial skincare – Wear a hat to protect not only your hair but also your face from the harmful UV rays.
    10. Hydration – Drink lots of water.


    Preparing for your Summer Holiday

    Of course thinking about your beauty regime before going on holiday is highly recommended by preparing your skin, your hair and increasing your hydration levels weeks before.

    Not only following a planned beauty routine beforehand will set you up for your holiday but also getting some treatments just before you leave will keep your holiday stress free when it comes to your beauty.

    That’s why we recommend speaking to our Beauty Specialists to outline some Summer Beauty Essentials.

    We can advise on essentials for beauty preparation that a woman needs before any summer holiday. Just give our salon a call!

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